Violence in the Workplace

Further to our communique sent October 23, 2015 highlighting the need for training for Health and Safety Committee members in Violence Prevention in the Work Place and the application of the Department Violence in the Workplace Policy, UEW is now emphasizing the need for the engagement of the Workplace Health and Safety Committee members along with the Regional Vice-Presidents in the monitoring and the application of the Violence in the Workplace Department Policies and CLC Part II and Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulation XX.


1.   UEW is requesting that the topic of Violence Prevention in the Workplace be placed as a standing item on all Local, Regional and National OHS Committees.

 2.  UEW does not agree that the Department Internal Investigators are impartial.(Regulation subsection 20.9(1))

 3.  UEW insists that any third party investigator must be approved by the member filing the complaint in consultation with the Regional Vice-President and vis-à-vis the workplace Health and Safety Committee.

 4.  UEW recommends that copies of the Investigator's CV or Resume be provided by the complainant to the respective Regional Vice-President.

5.   UEW will assemble a repository of information concerning investigators deemed competent.

 6.  UEW will be requesting statistics from the departments on how many Violence Complaints have be filed or being resolved within the workplace through the OHS committees.

UEW is requesting that RVP's motivate this issue within the regional OHS Committee and lead discussions expressing UEW's views and concerns, particularly as to who the "Competent" person is conducting the investigation.


Should you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contribute to this post comments (blog) on UEW's web site or contact the National office.

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any type of recourse for members who were dealing with violence in the workplace while this policy was being put into place and actioned? investigator was not 'competent' yes, the following Federal Court Case provides some answer to your question Date: 20151130 Docket: A-544-14 Citation: 2015 FCA 273 CORAM: PELLETIER J.A. NEAR J.A. DE MONTIGNY J.A. BETWEEN: ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CANADA Appellant and PUBLIC SERVICE ALLIANCE OF CANADA Respondent Heard at Ottawa, Ontario, on September 23, 2015

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