UEW “RESPECT” in the Workplace Campaign

At the fall UEW National Executive meetings in Ottawa on October 18 - 20, 2014 the National Executive fully endorsed the launch of the “RESPECT” in the Workplace Campaign.

UEW has established Joint Respectful Labour Management Committees with both DFO and DOE and UEW’s National President sits on both these Committees. RESPECTFUL WORKPLACE is also a standing item on all National UMCC’s as well as, many Branch and Sector UMCC’s. 

Paternalism/Bullying is linked to many issues outlined in the Public Service Employees’ Survey; e.g., harassment, discrimination, sick leave, disability – both short and long term – stress, respectful workplace, abuses of authority, mental health and poor morale. 

Although the Employer has responded with various policies and education to address harassment, discrimination, and bullying within the workplace (e.g., Harassment Policy, Duty to Accommodate and Violence in the Workplace), it needs to do much more to educate & promote a respectful workplace. The Bargaining Agents want to play a partnership role to raise the bar and create respectful workplaces.

UEW is launching a “RESPECT” in the WORKPLACE  Campaign which will include but not be limited to; 

  1. Requesting that Local Presidents & Regional Vice-Presidents ensure that this issue is placed on the agenda of future Local and Regional Labour-Management Consultation Committee meetings; 
  2. Having the National Office place this issue on each future National Union-Management Consultation Committee meeting (DFO, DOE) and Labour Management Consultation Committee meeting (NRCan) agenda; 
  3. Establishing a sub-committee for all three departments at the local, regional and national levels; and
  4. Distributing UEW “RESPECT” wrist bands to all Locals so they can be worn proudly by all employees and management within each workplace which will enhance awareness and help promote a RESPECTFUL WORKPLACE FOR ALL!

Finally, let’s all work together to create a respectful workplace for all!

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Can't wait to get my RESPECT wrist band

Ann-Marie Friesen / 04-Nov-2014 07:05 PM

All the LOCALs have been sent wrist bands and they should be received shortly. Should the LOCAL require more, please do not hesitate to contact the national UEW-STE office.

Daryl / 17-Nov-2014 04:01 PM

New year - new swag - can't wait to get my Respect flag pens

Ann-Marie Friesen / 07-Nov-2016 12:31 PM

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