UHEW National Office is Relocating!!

Since the merger in December 2016, UHEW was still operating via 2 offices (233 Gilmour Street and 2181 Thurston Drive).


UHEW is finally relocating into ONE office – 2781 Lancaster Road.  To avoid any major disruption is service, the move will be done in 2 parts. 


The Gilmour office will be moving on June 23, 2017, therefore the staff from that location will be unavailable however, the staff at the Thurston location will be available to answer any issues.


The Thurston office will be moving on June 27, 2017, therefore the staff will be unavailable on that date, but any questions or issues can be answered by the staff now located at 2781 Lancaster Road.


Following are the new coordinates for the Union of Health and Environment Workers, effective June 26, 2017:


2781 Lancaster Road, Suite 400

Ottawa, ON  K1B 1A7


Telephone: 613-731-5533 

Toll-free: 1-833-731-5533

Fax: 613-526-5537


Extensions to specific staff members have yet to be determined; once assigned, a notification will be sent out. Emails will remain the same – they can be found on our website www.uhew-stse.ca.


We apologize in advance for any inconvenience experienced during this move and transition period.  Should you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

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Long Awaited Victory for UHEW Member in Grande-Rivière

Long-time conflicts between management and the employees of the Grande Rivière (DFO Quebec) detachment, culminated with the employer’s decision to reassign a certain number of employees from their Grande-Rivière posts to other posts across the province. Essentially, the targeted members were suffering the consequences of management’s failure to resolve the issues within the detachment. For  Sister Colette Major, the employer ordered her to report to Quebec City but, upon contesting and refusal to do so, was terminated from employment for abandonment of her post.


The employer argued that they had a right to order Sister Major to the Quebec City detachment by referring the adjudicator to the mobility clause of her contract of employment and that they were justified in terminating her employment because she refused an order to report to the Quebec office.


The adjudicator found that the mobility clause in the grievor's job offer letter allowed the employer to deploy her to anywhere in Canada, which had already been done when the employer deployed Sister Major to Grande Rivière, but not to assign her for two years to the Quebec office without her consent. The adjudicator found that since the reassignment was not a deployment, her position remained at the Grande-Rivière office, and that the fact that she did not report to the Quebec office could not constitute abandoning her position. Therefore, the termination was without cause. The adjudicator ordered the deputy head to reinstate Sister Colette Major to her position at the Grande-Rivière office.

For full decision, please refer to : http://pslreb-crtefp.gc.ca/Decisions/fulltext/2017-27_e.asp

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UHEW Scholarships

The Union of Health and Environment Workers (UHEW) believes that everyone has the right to achieve his/her goals through education and hard work. In a world where technology and society are changing at a rapid pace, education is critical to remaining on top of issues and building a better future. With this in mind, UHEW is pleased to offer five scholarships:

1. Two scholarships are awarded on scholastic achievement for $3,000 each and named the Tony Tilley Scholastic Award and the Mary Stewart Scholastic Award;
2. One scholarship in the amount of $3,000 for a candidate entering into an apprenticeship program;
3. One scholarship in the amount of $3,000 is awarded to a member returning to school on a full-time basis to further his or her education; and
4. One Human Rights scholarship in the amount of $3,000 for a candidate struggling with a disability while striving for a higher education.

Please note the eligibility requirements as described in the Scholarship Awards Guidelines.

You will note that the 2017 Essay Topic for all scholarships is What benefits do you see workers have when holding jobs in unionized organizations as opposed to non-unionized jobs? Please explain in your answer the benefits to workers not only in their workplace but in their home life and in their community.” 

The deadline for receipt of applications is June 30, 2017. (Application Form)

Should you have any questions concerning the above, please do not hesitate to communicate with the national office.

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