UHEW National Office Telecommunications

We are happy to announce that our telephone system is now functional and the National office and its staff can be reached at 613-731-5533 or toll-free at 1-833-731-5533.  You may reach the National officers and staff at the following extensions:


Todd Panas


National President


ext 212

Shimen Fayad


National Vice-President


ext 211

Daryl Hoelke


Executive Assistant


ext 204

Kim Coles


Service Officer


ext 207

Luc Paquette


Service Officer


ext 206

Mark Hockley


Service Officer


ext 208

Stephen Vanneste


Service Officer


ext 209

Carmine Pacifico


Finance Officer


ext 203

Sylvain Meilleur


Finance Officer


ext 205

Celine Bourgon


Membership Services


ext 201

Julie Lavictoire


Membership Services


ext 202



Again, we do apologize for any inconveniences our telecommunications issues may have caused.

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Telecommunication Issues at UHEW National Office

As you are aware, the UHEW National office has relocated to new offices effective June 26, 2017.  

Due to this move, please note that the UHEW National office is currently experiencing telephone problems and cannot be reached via this medium.  To communicate with the National office and its staff, you may send an email to info@uhew-stse.ca and/or directly to a staff member to their address noted here.  We do apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. 


For any extreme emergencies, you may reach Daryl Hoelke, Executive Assistant at 613-299-5842.

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UHEW National Office is Relocating!!

Since the merger in December 2016, UHEW was still operating via 2 offices (233 Gilmour Street and 2181 Thurston Drive).


UHEW is finally relocating into ONE office – 2781 Lancaster Road.  To avoid any major disruption is service, the move will be done in 2 parts. 


The Gilmour office will be moving on June 23, 2017, therefore the staff from that location will be unavailable however, the staff at the Thurston location will be available to answer any issues.


The Thurston office will be moving on June 27, 2017, therefore the staff will be unavailable on that date, but any questions or issues can be answered by the staff now located at 2781 Lancaster Road.


Following are the new coordinates for the Union of Health and Environment Workers, effective June 26, 2017:


2781 Lancaster Road, Suite 400

Ottawa, ON  K1B 1A7


Telephone: 613-731-5533 

Toll-free: 1-833-731-5533

Fax: 613-526-5537


Extensions to specific staff members have yet to be determined; once assigned, a notification will be sent out. Emails will remain the same – they can be found on our website www.uhew-stse.ca.


We apologize in advance for any inconvenience experienced during this move and transition period.  Should you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

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