Fisheries Act

The Union of Environment Workers is aware that the Government intends to amend Section 35 of the Fisheries Act which will result in removing the provision relating to “habitat” protection from that Act.

A communiqué has been sent to the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, as well as to many Government officials and the PSAC NBOD, concerning our concerns should the Government proceed to follow this path. The letter is attached in both official languages and is self-explanatory.

The Union of Environment Workers strongly recommends that all Locals encourage their respective memberships to communicate with their respective Members of Parliament concerning the intent to amend Section 35 of the Fisheries Act and to initiate a discussion on this issue through any venue available to them to ensure that that dialogue takes place; e.g., Federations of Labour, District Labour Councils, and their communities.

His is the first step in what will be a continuing process in communicating our concerns with the Government of the Day – we all know that the upcoming March 2012 budget will have a major impact on our members and the Canadian public at large. It is important that the Union of Environment Workers and its Locals work as a team in promoting our message. Members must become involved in the political process if there is to be any hope of enacting change. We cannot operate in isolation. If we work together, we can make a difference.

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