NB Fishery Officers going above and beyond

On behalf of the Union of Health and Environment Workers we would like to recognize our members that assisted in the devastating floods that affected many parts of New Brunswick in recent weeks. Fishery officers working for Fisheries and Oceans Canada normally work conserving and protecting both freshwater and marine fisheries and habitat by monitoring and enforcing the applicable acts and legislation. It was however their expertise on the water that was called into play during this crisis. 

Officers from various parts of NB were some of the first on task and some of the last to leave. Our members worked 12-14-hour days and saw devastation they will not soon forget. They assisted in saving lives and property, putting out fires, transporting people, property, equipment and animals in areas that could only be accessed by boat. They exhibited extreme professionalism and worked tirelessly in hazardous conditions above and beyond the call of duty. 


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