It's All About RESPECT

Starting SEPTEMBER 5, 2018, Fishery Officers from Ocean to Ocean to Ocean will be wearing this armband with the wording RESPECT US / RECLASSIFY US  1969  RESPECTEZ NOUS /  RECLASSIFIEZ NOUS


For years the Fishery Officers have more than justified to DFO Management and to Treasury Board the fact they are not properly classified in respect of the modern essence of their work. Recent actions by management have further alienated this group of people who serve Canadians by enforcing the commercial, recreational and habitat federal legislations that are designed to protect our fishery resources and our fishery related industries, communities and economic engine, for the future generations of Canadians.


The fight for proper classification has been ongoing for more than 25 years, including through the UCS exercise when it was made clear the Fishery Officers were severely under classified and underpaid. The current GT Classification Standard was written in 1969 and bears no meaningful resemblance to the work being currently done by the Fishery Officers.


In addition, articles in the current TC Collective Agreement, that specifically apply to GT employees, are being denied to Fishery Officers but are being paid to other GT employees at other Federal Departments.


These armbands are a strong but respectful indication of the frustration, disappointment and ire spreading from ocean to ocean to ocean amongst the Field Staff of the Conservation & Protection Branch, Fishery Officers, at Fisheries & Oceans Canada.  


These armbands are also a statement of support for the PSAC Bargaining Teams, specifically for the TC and PA Bargaining Teams as they try to demonstrate the pay inequities between people in the same classifications, doing essentially the same work, but being paid vastly different salaries.  


RESPECT!  Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value! 

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