Meritorious Award


At its Inaugural National Convention in August 2017, the UHEW delegation voted in favour of a resolution for a Meritorious Award  As such, the Union of Health and Environment Workers is pleased to have such an award to present as recognition for the positive work our sisters and brothers provide to our membership.

UHEW Meritorious Award


In granting this award, the appropriate Regional Vice-President or National Council are to be guided by the following:

(a)   That the proposed recipient of this Award be a member in good standing or a former member who has retired, resigned, or has been transferred to another Component of the PSAC, and has held Local and/or National Council Office.

(b) (i)      In the case of a Local Officer or member, the Local may propose and endorse this action at a membership meeting in accordance with the By-Laws of the Local. The request will be submitted to the appropriate Regional Vice-President.

(ii)       The Regional Vice-President may recommend a Local Officer or member for an award

(iii)      In the cases of (b)(i) and (b)(ii), the decision with respect to granting this Award shall rest solely with the appropriate Regional Vice-President and shall be final.

(c) In the case of a National Officer, the National Council may be requested to consider granting this award.

(d)  In case of (c) the National Council's decision with respect to granting this Award shall be final.

(e)  The certificate for meritorious service will be presented to the member by the National President of the Union of Health and Environment Workers or his/her representative.