Union-Management Consultation Committees

The purpose of Union-Management Consultation Committees is to provide a forum for the exchange of information between management and bargaining agents.  These committees are held at the Local, Regional and National levels.

UMCCs should enable bargaining agents to be informed about policies, programs, working conditions and any proposed changes brought to them, and to discuss these with management.

UMCCs also enable bargaining agents to communicate to management their views on subjects which are of importance to them.  Such joint consultation ensures that the views of the bargaining agents are obtained and that management will give careful consideration to these views when making decisions.

Although committees function in a consultative capacity they do not, however, have any authority to amend the provisions of collective agreements or regulations affecting employees' terms and conditions of employment.  They do not interfere with management's authority, its obligation to manage or the union's legal rights as established by legislation or collective agreement.  The objective is to communicate freely and to resolve matters.


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