Health & Safety Recognition

In recognition of continuous service furthering the well being of the membership through their participation on Occupational Health and Safety Committees.

5 Year Service Award

Sister Nancy Akerley Brother Richard Klakowich
Sister Monique Bakker Brother Pierre-Emile Lavoie
Sister Anne Bray Sister Glenda Mason
Brother Denis Chartrand Brother Mario Moreau
Sister Jenny Dickson Sister Ingrid Nitschkie
Bronther Hans-Frederic Ellefsen Sister Diane Potvin
Brother Terry Fanning Brother Jim Syrgiannis
Sister Marion Hadley Brother Neil Walsh
Brother Scott Hill  


  • Brother Troy Conforzi Sister Lillian Pavlik
    Sister Suzy DeBlois Brother Jeff Rantamaki
    Brother Richard Graham Sister Pamela Rideout
    Brother Mike Grant Brother Jeff Ryder
    Brother Brian Green Brother Jamie Smith
    Sister Alice Guzzo Brother Randy Stewart
    Brother Terry Hay Brother John Studens
    Sister Linda Irwin Sister Marla Thibodeau
    Sister Guylaine Lajoie  


  • Brother Andrew Hicks Brother Andrew MacFarlane
    Sister Donna Johnson




3 Year Service Award


Brother Raoul Bourgeois Brother Stephen Stewart
Sister Helena Da Costa Brother Robb Stuart
Sister Nicole Lurette Brother Richard Wiess
  • 2009

  • Sister Patrica Baines Sister Kerry MacDonald
    Brother Jason Bernard Sister Grace Sumampong
    Sister Karen Hebert Sister Tracy Sparkes
    Brother Michael Lister  


  • Brother Tony Bouzane Brother Douglas Butt


  • Brother Gordon Butt Sister Monique Lanoy
    Brother Alain Courcelles Brother Wayne MacKay
    Brother Douglas Davidge Brother Patrick Maltais
    Brother Mike Grant Brother Kevin Pike
    Brother Terry Hay Sister Pam Rideout
    Brother Richard Klakowich Sister Andrea Sharpe
    Brother Denis Labonté  


  • Brother Stephen Adams Brother Richard Lépine
    Brother Roch Bélanger Sister Denise Leroy
    Brother Jacques Bilodeau Brother John MacIver
    Brother Gary Burton Brother Kent MacRae
    Sister Donna Davies Brother Gerard Neville
    Sister Susy Deblois Sister Ingrid Nitschkie
    Brother Kent Haase Brother Allen O'Donnell
    Sister Marion Hadley Brother Jack Orr
    Brother Scott Hill Brother Harvey Pukin
    Brother Terry Holmes Sister Sandra Simmons
    Brother David Hughes Brother Jim Syrgiannis
    Sister Nancy Kruper Brother Pete Thibodeau
    Sister Guylaine Lajoie Brother Ghislain Veilleux
    Brother Tim Lambert Sister Dixie-Lee Voll
    Bother Yves Lavoie Brother Michel Wolfe
    Brother Ben Lemon Sister Arezoo Zamani
    Brother Torsten Lihra Brother Rod Zemianski


  • Brother Paul O'Keefe Brother Paul Stead
    Brother Jeff Ryder